Researching the revival of interest in Henry

Coffee and a milkshake.

Met up with Toshiki (Toshi) Asakura-Ward on 27 Oct (2017) for a chat at Sydney’s Town Hall Espresso about our mutual interest in the Japan-Australia relationship. Toshi, who has been studying at Western Sydney University, has just submitted for examination his Master of Research thesis titled A BRIDGE TO THE NEAR NORTH: The 1980s resurrection of Henry Black (1858-1923). As part of his research, Toshi interviewed me a couple of times about my interest in Henry Black. His questions and my responses have helped revive memories – such as my initial meetings with the pioneering Henry Black researchers Prof. Sasaki Miyoko and Morioka Heinz, the first commemorative graveside ceremony for Henry in Yokohama in 1985, and my publication of Kairakutei Burakku through Kodansha International in 1992. It feels unusual to be interviewed because as a journalist, I’ve been more used to doing the interviewing. It’s good to know that the Henry story continues to inspire. Thanks Toshi!

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