Rare books by Henry Black go on sale

A Tokyo dealer in rare and antique books, has produced an amazing catalogue of publications, many of them devoted to sokkibon (stenographic book) versions of Henry Black’s narrated tales. The catalogue is by Kagerou Bunko for the Melbourne Rare Book Fair (6th to 8th July) at the University of Melbourne. Top marks to Kagerou Bunko for finding these extremely rare examples of Henry’s opus and bringing them to Australia. Other items in the catalogue relate to books published in Japan in the Meiji and Taisho eras by Australian residents in Japan. All of these books are rare and extraordinary gems. Here are some of the covers from the books by Henry.

L-R: Eikoku Rondon gekijo miyage [Tale from a London Theatre]; Setsunaru tsumi [Pitiful Sin]; Shachu no dokubari [The Poison Pin in the Coach]; Shachu no dokubari (large format edition) [The Poison Pin in the Coach]

Kagerou Bunko is in Kanda, where most of Tokyo’s stores selling second-hand and rare books are found. For details about the store, see www.kageroubunko.com

See the catalogue at https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/IAXDCgZowLHg8k0xcNRWjH?domain=we.tl

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